Friday, October 06, 2006

That's a good idea

You're right, you probably should stop posting to the site, since you're unwilling to accept the fact that when you bait people into a fight, they might actually get pissed.

Three quotes will mark my final entry, as well, since the entire purpose of this thing was dialogue, and I don't need another individual blog.

* * *

But I don't need more sports channels than news channels. I don't want my newspaper to devote more space to sports coverage than it does to the arts (and by arts, I don't mean television). I don't need a ticker, a Barry Bonds beat writer, or one more fucking syllable about TO.

This shit is not that important, folks. There are wars and coups and political campaigns going on. Our country's going down the shitter. Sports don't matter.

* * *

And are you honestly saying that steroids are the only "real" issue to come up in sports in the last half-dozen years "that can be considered remotely important"???

What about race in sports? What about gays in sports? What about the continued futility of the BCS? What about Pat Tillman? What about Kobe Bryant's sexual assault case? What about the Duke Lacrosse case? The Pistons brawl and its attendant controversies? I can't believe I'm saying this, but what about everything to do with Terrell Owens? You're really trying to tell me that none of them are book-worthy? That Barry Bonds is the ONLY sports-related topic in the last six years on which an investigative book could have been written? Come on ... One of the best-selling books of the last year is about a guy's relationship with his dog, for chrissakes. Methinks some industrious sports scribe could manage to write a book about Kobe's rape trial.

* * *

I'm still confused. But that's clearly because I'm an idiot, as is everyone else who isn't you.

Truth be told, I'm taking pretty much everything you've said about me, my ability to argue and/or be consistent, and being a biter, as friendly shit talking. I cannot remember the last time we've had an argument where we haven't insulted each other's intelligence, in both senses of the phrase. I get the feeling you're not approaching it in the same spirit, even though I could have sworn that's what you were trying to get started with your overly strident original post in which you juggled overstatement and bromides with aplomb.

So long, new, virulent blog. We hardly knew ye.

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