Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Honestly, what the fuck is going on?

Try it, anyone: Give me one good fucking reason Bobby Knight shouldn't be fired, like, right now.

This can't be any simpler: The dude just slapped a kid. No, ESPN, it was not a "push," or a "flip," or a fucking chin massage. And since when did we allow this goddamn bully to set the terms of how his actions are described? Fuck you, Knight. The fact that you didn't get kicked in the balls by that kid is a minor miracle, and you should thank him for not embarassing you to the degree you embarassed him. A slap! I have never been slapped by a man in my fucking life. That is unreal.

Wojo actually wrote a half-decent column about this, but at the end he still doesn't just come out and say that Knight needs to be fired. Maybe he doesn't feel that way, but I don't see how one can confront the facts of the case and not arrive at that conclusion (which is why I'm practically egging on a fight, here). Knight has made a career out of being the drunk uncle that constantly embarasses his family during Thanksgiving. It's enough, already, before he actually just punches a kid for not boxing out, or something.

BTW, fuck that kid's parents, too.


Anonymous said...

I'm through with people acting shocked every time Bob Knight does something offensive.

This has been true for the last 20 years, and it's true now: Play for Knight and deal with the consequences. This kid knew what was coming when he signed to play at Texas Tech; the University knew what was coming when they hired Knight.

Why are we all scandalized?


Anonymous said...


What Knight did was nothing compared to what our friends at the Worldwide Leader have done tonight. Could it be that they hyped this (non) story all day because, uh ... TEXAS TECH IS PLAYING ON ESPN2 TONIGHT?

Naw, I'm sure it's because they care about this young man.


Bryan Rosenbaum said...

But his mom is okay with it. And so is the athletic director. Not surprising that this is the school that runs the most bull-shit program in college football.

But whatever. The best news of the day is that Randy Moss has an award named after him.

St said...

My question is, what's going to happen the next time Lute tries to pat Mustafa on the head and "accidentally" pokes him in the eye?

Maybe Bobby Knight has Parkinson's, too.