Tuesday, February 20, 2007

(Probably) the last thing I'll say about this ...

I don't have any problem with Pat's Tiger argument as stated in the last comment he left. And I don't have any problem with his related claim that Tiger's the best athlete in the world. I don't necessarily agree with either, but I have no issue with them and wouldn't have responded to them stridently.

Where I got strident was in response to his hegemonic horseshit, both directly stated and implied, about America being the only country that matters when it comes to producing sports icons. As a matter of fact, the much-debated "sports star" isn't the biggest problem with his original phrasing. The problem is claiming that he's the biggest in the world, and the real problem -- my big problem -- is when he supported that claim by saying that America's opinion was the only one that mattered in terms of global importance. It's just not the kind of thing any of us can say with any authority -- what does Pat really know about sports fans in the rest of the world? What do I? You? Even B, who's seen his share? -- and so it smacks of Ugly Americanism.

I'd still take my five over Tiger.


Pat said...

I understand how you think it sounds like Ugly Americanism, Ste. Still, my point was that America is not the only voice, but rather a more influential one than it's 6%-of-the-world's-population-Census-figures would indicate .
I should have just stuck to the facts instead of trying to counter every argument I heard. I think Tiger's merits stand on their own without me trying to make roundabout points that included (a) Adrian Gonzalez, (B) George Weah, (C) Jake Peavy, (D) Dale Earnhardt Jr. and (E) that British IndyCar driver.
I cared enough to write the Tiger line in the first place, so of course I defended it vigorously.
And have we gone too far when Doyle tries to be the voice of reason?
Jeezus, someone throw out a topic he can get too worked about. How's this — Juan Pierre was the best offseason acquisition because of his base-stealing ability.
Yeah, run with that, Doyle.

Anonymous said...

Juan Pierre sucks Matt Hasselbeck's dick. And Doyle, per your earlier post about how nobody should "ever" read the comments section, I don't want to hear a counterargument about it because, of course, the notion of Pierre sucking Hasselbeck was made in the comments section.

St said...

Seth, I know you get upset when people don't respond to your comments, but it's difficult when you give me so little to work with. You're juxtaposing sports with your Juan Pierre argument, and besides, everybody knows Matt Hasselbeck sucks. At least Juan Pierre hustles and is really athletic and naturally talented.