Friday, March 09, 2007

Stridency: It's not just for "anonymous" bloggers anymore

I wonder what Brett Musberger would say about this little rant from Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll. Since BP has the temerity to call that part of its site a blog, I'm sure he thinks it strikes at the foundation of civilization.

For those of you who consider yourself baseball fans but don't check this site daily (if not pay for the membership so you can read all the premium content and peep the PECOTA cards, which have essentially rendered me useless since they came out in early Feb) are really missing out. It's not just for stat geeks; BP's best attribute is that it features a wide variety of writers, all of whom approach their respective stories with varying (and, often, nuanced) perspectives. Plus one of the managing editors is transgender! Tell me one other legitimate sports media outlet so progressive that it doesn't even blink over that ish.

I don't really know why I'm plugging the site so much, but I really do love it.

But since you probably want something interesting, here's a little bit of Steve Phillips sunshine on the Josh Hamilton situation:

I am not trying to be insensitive. In fact, I am rooting for Josh Hamilton to do very well. If I was a general manager I would want him in my organization to serve as an example of redemption and perseverance. I just wouldn't have picked him in the Rule 5 draft and made the statement that he deserves to be a major leaguer right now. It sends the wrong message to all of the hardworking, dedicated young men who are paying the price to get to the major leagues. Not to mention that it sends the wrong message to Hamilton.

Huh? This is a sports page, right? Between this and the impending Sports Illustrated cover story, I'm wondering if any sports writers would actually like to talk about sports some time. After all the moralistic hand-wringing over PEDs, I've had just about enough of these morons trying to ape Bill Bennett.

p.s. -- The Blogger spell check feature doesn't recognize the word "transgender." Can you believe these genderists, Smoove?


St said...

For a second I thought you meant we had a membership/premium section here on TGWNA, and I was really pissed because I thought you were holding out on me with all the cheddar we'd been generating (mixed metaphor alert!).

Anonymous said...

who knew that anyone still gave a shit about baseball? I hope MLB shuts down. those homerun 'highlights' get in the way of all the interesting action.

Anonymous said...

Smoove here,

Issues of transgenderality were always a bit abstract for me because prior to moving to Tucson, I'd never met a transgendered person. However, in the almost 3 years since I've know J, I've come to understand how difficult it is for him to go through life being disrespected simply because he's a woman trapped in a man's body. The website you refer to Diesel, is sadly just another example of society being insensitive to people like Justin.

Anonymous said...

that last word should, of course, read 'Justina'.

Smoove out.