Monday, August 13, 2007

Sports Briefs, 8/13

We need to fill some space here, so I'm hearkening back to the Wildcat days and busting out Sports Briefs. Got a few things that might be overlooked:

The world's first $24 million long reliever: The Phillies are considering yanking Adam Eaton from the rotation. (And can you believe that other note about Jose Mesa being sort of good?) Please do! More room for J.D. "the Real Deal" Durbin, who apparently nicknamed himself in A ball! (Scroll to the fourth paragraph.) He also got his first win on my birthday and recently shut out the Pads.

The Eagles open the preseason tonight in Baltimore: D-Mac's not playing, thank goodness. They ought to just treat him like the Chargers are doing to LT: no preseason snaps whatsoever. He's in his ninth year and he popped an ACL last season while running out of bounds: he doesn't need the reps.

However, tonight does offer the first look at Kevin Kolb (pronounced to rhyme with cob, by the way -- remember that, in case McNabb and Feeley both go down with injuries this year. Another thing to remember if that happens: I don't want to be resuscitated.) I never thought I would say this, but I'm glad the game's in Baltimore. The last thing he needs is to throw a few picks and get booed off the field at home.

Personally, I'm much more interested to see the rookies who might play this year: Stewart Bradley, Tony Hunt, Brent Celek, and, dare I dream, Nasty Nate. The Birds are also relying on a lot of second-year guys who need to perform: Bunkley, Avant, Baskett, and Gocong. And it'll be nice to get a glimpse of their big free-agent signings, Kevin Curtis and Takeo Spikes.

My prediction: Philly 28 Baltimore 17.


Diesel said...

OK ... you just predicted the score of a preseason game. That's far and away the silliest thing you've ever written in your life.

However, I have to admit that I am completely enthralled by the preseason this year. I've watched about four games already, and I'm more interested in catching the rooks/third-stringers than I am seeing if Philip Rivers looks good in four total pass attempts. I think I'm actually going to miss seeing the unknowns once the season starts.

I just re-read that. Boy, I am weird.

Anonymous said...

D. Suave has two points:

1. Seahawks 1st team fucking dominated those pussy Chargers. Either Seattle is the best in the league, or the Chargers aren't as good as they were last year, or both. I'm going with both.

2. Pepe: remember a few weeks ago when I made fun of you for throwing in the towel on the Phillies season. I just checked and they're only 1 game out of the wildcard. Care to admit that you were stupid and wrong?

p.s. can we get a poll asking when Norv will be fired? I say by week 12.

Pepe B. Secessionist said...

If I'm a dork for predicting the preseason, how stupid is Seth for talking shit about the first preseason game? Especially when the best player in the NFL didn't play a snap?

And Seth, you don't know what you're talking about when it comes to baseball, so give it a rest. The Phillies are not going to make the playoffs. They've played as well as they could possibly play since Utley went down, and they're still one game out of the WC, a few back in the division. One game out is still out.

Only Seattle fans take pride in almost winning something.

Big C said...

Prediction: The Chargers will be fairly successful (read; not a train wreck) this season despite Norv's poor coaching, but will fail to fulfill Super Bowl aspirations by losing the division to the Chiefs and being booted out of the Wildcard.

Shaun Alexander will return to form in Seattle, but the 'Hawks will lose out to the 'Niners in the division after losing heart following their Week 2 loss to the Cardinals (who will go 8-8)

Detroit: 11-5 (Div. Champs)

New England: 13-3 (Win Super Bowl as Randy Moss is outshined by Donte Stallworth. Laurence Maroney dumps Kool-Aid on The Mastermind.)