Thursday, May 24, 2007

Continuing in the vein of news that only I care about ...

I'm currently watching the Phils at the Marlins. Willis vs. Leiber. A brief recap of the first four innings:

long rain delay to begin
benches have already cleared once, no punches
D-Train and the Big Jew have each thrown a pitch behind the other
Miguel Olivo gave Abe Nunez a concussion when he accidentally hit him on a follow-through
Gonzalez was ejected for arguing a bad call

Phils are up 2-1. This is looking interesting.

However, the point of this post is not the game. It's the Phils' ever-growing DL. The reigning NL MVP has missed two weeks but should be back soon. Ryan Madson just returned. Tom Gordon just recently started walking after arm trouble and a respiratory infection and probably won't be back this season, if ever. Fabio Castro, their only bullpen lefty, was recently demoted. And then yesterday, Brett Myers gave up 4 runs in the bottom of the ninth, then grabbed his arm and walked off the field after hearing a popping sound and feeling a shooting pain. Awesome.

How bad have things gotten in the pen? The Phils just called up a guy who started the season in single-A, presumably to close. Maybe he'll be our Papelbon, but somehow I doubt it. This is the Phillies we're talking about.

Allow me to be the first to propose the only logical nickname for a fat-looking closer named Mike Zagurski: "Bronco."


Concepcion said...

The Marlins are now up 3-2! ;p

St said...

Paging Doyle ... time to drop the line you last used on Vinny Castilla one balmy night at Petco ...