Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Don't really want to divert attention away from the long post about Josh Hancock I just put up, but I just saw this on the 700 level: Trotter and Brown might be demoted.

The Trot thing isn't a huge surprise, considering his KIAA (Knee-Injury-Adjusted Age) of 39. I bet he'll still be in there on first and second down, though.

Sheldon's a different story. Dude was arguably their best corner in 2005 and has single-handedly won them a couple games in the last few years (I'm thinking particularly of the rally he started with a beautiful pick-six against the Chefs a couple years back, and a similar play against the Cowgirls either that year or last). Do I smell a move to safety? Please? (Do yourself a favor: mute your speakers before clicking that.)

On the bright side, I get to drop my new favorite nickname much more next year if William James starts: "The Philosopher." Get it? Because everybody confuses the James brothers? (Henry was the fiction writer.) This could be the biggest stroke of luck for lit dorks since Arizona had a starting d-end named "William" Carlos Williams.

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