Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I realize I just posted something mere minutes ago, but this absolutely needs a wider audience.

Here's a fun game: Punch yourself in the face every time the author uses the word "truth" as an acceptable substitute for "something I believe in with absolutely no way of substantiating it, which isn't exactly the opposite of any reasonable definition of 'truth,' but it's pretty damn close." I bet you won't be conscious by paragraph seven.

Sorry. Back to sports now.


Colin E. Laisure-Pool said...

My favorite phrase from that article: "...atheistic theology posing as science." Classic!

Looks like it's time to nuke Kansas; don't ask me for a good reason, it is simply God's will.

St said...

You know, if he would have stopped three paragraphs earlier, I would have genuinely respected his effort. I would even have agreed with a few of his minor points, although not his overall thesis. And I would have come away thinking, "Hey, maybe the GOP leadership is more reasonable and thoughtful than I knew. They're not so bad!" Which, of course, is probably exactly the effect he was going for with his op-ed in what all neocons call the propaganda rag of the liberal left, the NYT.

But I think those last three paragraphs reveal precisely the fanatical underpinnings of conservative Christians that make me distrust them. Especially those last couple of sentences, including the one Colin quoted.