Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This shouldn't be missed

My good friend Colin, who is wicked smart, left a comment in the "I promise ..." post that's a ways down now. He's correcting some of my assertions about science, and also adds quite a bit to the argument. It shouldn't be missed by anyone who thinks this conversation is interesting. Most interesting to me is that by submitting string theory as a more rational potential explanation for the origin of the universe than god, I may be throwing stones from a glass house.

I'll be posting something soon about the consciousness issue Justin brought up, but I think it's best if we pace ourselves and allow each post to get a little time before it gets shoved down. That's why I'm keeping this one short.

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Adam said...

Seriously... sports?

But on topic, I've been certified by Conner as so smart that I can teach intelligent design. Sweet.