Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Was everybody gay in 1933?

Jeffrey Lurie has got to be fucking kidding me with these new Eagles throwbacks:

The design is actually kind of slick -- the helmets especially -- but oh, mercy, those colors are bad. They had metallic pale blue in 1933? To reprise a crack I made during an IM conversation yesterday, these look like something Pat would wear beneath a khaki blazer.


Ryan said...

Wait, but those look just like the Charg -----


Diesel said...

Call me prejudiced, but I can't imagine a gay man wearing anything that ugly.

St said...

But the Chargers don't have nearly as much yellow. And their normal colors are blue and yellow, so it's different. Plus they have pretty lightning bolts.

How the hell does a Philly team don metallic blue and yellow? I could try to understand blue and yellow -- but metallic?

Chuck Bednarik is rolling over in his grave. (He's not dead, but he's dead to me.)