Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The law of diminishing retards

Awww ... this was dissapointing, Steve. You usually say at least six or seven things that are totally and completely wrong. Today, there are only two things worth bringing up:

Adam (Mount Vernon, IA):
Do you agree with the Twin's decision of going with Ponson & Silva(both proven to be awful) instead of Garza & Perkins(both unproven)?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: I do agree with the decision. Teams don't always start with the best 25-man roster, because over the course of a season, you need probably 15 pitchers available to cover 162 games. It's about having the best roster for the most number of games. Often times, teams will make decisions out of Spring Training to protect their depth for 162 games. Garza and Perkins will both be in the rotation at some point this year. If they were to release both Ponson and Ortiz and go with the two young starters, the risk they run is that one of both of them fails and there's nobody down below to replace them.

This is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. Here is a breakdown of what Steve's really saying:

- You have two very good young pitchers who are ready to pitch in the minor leagues;
- You have two older, horrible pitchers who are ready to be pumping my gas;
- You would rather have the two older, horrible pitchers on the opening day roster even though you are almost positive they are going to fail, and you fully expect you will need to call up one or both of the younger guys to replace them at some point in the season, because there's a chance the young guys could fail, and then you wouldn't have anyone to replace them;
- Your central concern should always be depth, as opposed to winning baseball games.

Steve, a piece of advice: The next time you're taking it in the ass from Bill Stoneman, get him to choke you. I hear it's a rush.

Ryan from Lansing NY: Do you feel Frank Thomas is a Hall of Famer?

SportsNation Steve Phillips: Absolutely.

OK, cool. I agree.

I don't think there's any question about it.

Well, of course there's going to be some question about it, Steve ... Ran Santo and Burt Blyleven aren't in, so it's not like it's impossible for a qualified candidate to get shut out.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt.

We get it. Stop now.

he's played clean his whole career.

Huh? How do you know? I bet you didn't think Alex Sanchez was juicing, did ya? Or Jason Grimsley? How the fuck do you know who has and hasn't juiced, Steve, unless there's been a fucking book written about how that player juiced that ended up getting the authors thrown in jail?

There's never been any thing about steroids with him.

There's (was) never been any thing about steroids with Matt Lawton, before got caught he did, Corky.

He'll be a 500-HR club member and worthy of HOF status.

At least you decided to cite some basis for his HOF worthiness. He may also wear Members Only jackets, Steve ... I think you should check on this.

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