Friday, July 20, 2007

Because my Scott Boras post might take a few days

A non-random sampling of some of the most interesting things I've read on the interwebs recently:

• I should probably read the Hardball Times more often, especially since stuff like this is pretty commonplace. What occurred to me as I read Brattain's piece is how few people have pointed out that, in so many ways, the medium is the message with Sampson. He's not only a megalomaniac, he's an absolute disaster as team president. I don't believe it's an accident that one of the worst administrators in baseball is also one of the loudest.

• I'm actually not an avid blog reader these days, for lots of reasons. But Shysterball has become a daily — sometimes twice-daily — destination for me. Not only is dude prolific, but he's almost always completely right. And he makes great post headlines. I really need to know how a lawyer with a family can find the time to make between two and five posts per day, when I'm winded if I punch out three in a week.

(Also: He has great taste in blogs, as well. I promise, I was going to give him some dap before I saw this today, and now I just look like a putz. Whatever. Read his stuff. It's good.)

• It appears Will Carroll is suffering from an affliction I refer to as the "Conceit of the Enlightened." One of the most difficult things about figuring something out is being unable to realize why everyone else can't see what's now so plain to you. This is theoretical for me, of course, because I'm an idiot and I haven't personally figured anything out. Also: Computers have taught me everything I know about baseball. 010001011110101001010100100111101001.

• Does anyone really need to link to FJM anymore? Just in case you don't check it every day, this is one of the funnier posts they've had in recent memory. The lone comment is the clincher.

• Four words: What the blood clot?

• Joe Posnanski is not only my favorite sports writer in the world, he's probably one of my favorite people I've never actually met. It helps that he's one of the few mainstream sportswriters out there who doesn't get the giggles when someone mentions VORP. But — I say this with all due respect — I think his whole stance on the Bonds thing is a cop-out, and he gives a couple of columnists a fairly easy ride when they should be taken to task for uttering complete nonsense.

I do understand what Joe's saying, and I sympathize. The toughest part about being a sports columnist is knowing that you're expected to constantly have a great take, even when you're out of great takes to have. I do believe that most major metro guys are asked to write too many opinion pieces per week, which results in a dilution of the writer's body of work and ultimately makes the newspaper look like an amateur operation.

But, at the same time, it's the nature of the job; hearing sports columnists complain about stories that are tough to write about is kinda like hearing the President bitch about not getting to choose his own house. And, particularly in the case of a guy like Bonds, I really don't believe there's an excuse to be had. No one will mind terribly if sports columnists just played this one straight and saved us the lectures, booing advice, and steroid sanctimony. But, if you're going to add something to the debate, then please think it out. Ask yourself if you're actually adding anything at all, or simply mailing it in. Because if you're going to mail it in, find a high school athlete in your city who has diabetes, and write about what a hero he/she is. At least then someone in your readership will be happy to read your piece the next morning.

• This is an old one, but it's probably the funniest conceit KSK has used (mind you, I don't read them as often as I used to). Needless to say, one need not say more than construda in any context to make me laugh.

Anyway, I'll try and get the Boras thing up this weekend. It should be a good conversation-starter.


Shyster said...

Diesel (that's a Dutch name, right?), you are far too kind. To answer your question, my post frequency is made possible by the fact that I am a bad lawyer, an inattentive husband, and a largely absent father. Everyone involved seems to like it that way, however, so what's the point in changin'? As for always being right, well, Mrs. Shyster would heartily disagree with you.

But again, thanks for the kudos.

Anonymous said...

I don't follow what you said about me, but thanks for reading. - Will

Diesel said...


I meant that because you're an expert on steroids, it's obviously frustrating for you to hear people pontificate on the issue without really knowing what they're talking about, or attribute things to steroid use that aren't related to the drug (or its use) at all.

No, thank you for reading.

- Diesel

Ookie said...

"....Computers have taught me everything I know about baseball. 010001011110101001010100100111101001."

They say that there are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who do not.

And I would thank you not to refer to my mother that way.