Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hate to say I told you so

Apologies to all five of our readers for the siesta, but I actually lost about 1,000 words because the new Firefox keeps crashing on me and Blogger has decided to do away with saved drafts. The topic I was writing about, I think, is a good one for argument, so I'll try and re-create it in the next couple of days.

Anyway, I hope all of you watched the All-Star Game, for a couple of important reasons:

1) It verified anything I've ever said about how totally fucking stupid Tim McCarver is;
2) It verified anything I've ever said about how totally fucking stupid Tony LaRussa is.

The writing, I believe, was on the wall with LaRussa's bench selections for this game. In addition to the loyal army of prostitutes closers he mystifyingly decided to load his roster with, he made some horrendous picks with hitters. His picks of Orlando Hudson and Freddy Sanchez over Hanley Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins looks even worse, now, than it did a week ago. Are you telling me this game doesn't turn out differently with those two guys available in the late innings?

But the absolute clincher was putting Hudson and Rowand up in the ninth, with Albert Fucking Pujolshis fucking guy! — sitting there on the bench wondering exactly how the fuck he's arrived at the point in his stunning career where he's being sat for two guys who can't carry his jock.

Hudson, then Rowand!

I don't even know where else to go with this. I don't know that a worse job of managing an All-Star game is possible.

Go kill another pitcher, LaBortion, before everyone realizes what a total moron you are and you never get a job in baseball again.

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big c said...

Dude, bash LaBortion all you want, but leave poor, little Timmy McCarver alone!!

Aren't Poo-holes and Rowand both hitting .310 this year? I would hate to think that the most telling metric in baseball would lead ol' Tony Abuse-a astray.