Saturday, July 28, 2007

Congratulations, Aaron Rowand ...

You have suffered the lamest Phillies injury since Ricky Ledee went on the DL with hemorrhoids a few years back. From the Inquirer gamer last night:

Michael Bourn, playing center field because all-star Aaron Rowand was injured while playing tag with neighborhood children on Thursday, lashed a career-high four hits and the sizzling Pat Burrell launched a two-run homer to key an 11-hit attack.

What neighborhood does he live in where a major leaguer can run around playing tag with kids without getting mugged? I bet he lives in Jersey.


Anonymous said...

here are some comments by those fabulous philly fans on mcnabb's website, all of which are "responses" to McNabb's "Everyday should end in a BBQ" post:

You suck and your mom is fat. A queer did better with your team than you did last year you fat panzi. Next time you fake an injury because you've been sucking just retire because nobody likes you here in Philly.

-Eagles Fans

McNabb. More like McFag you pussy. I hope you get a real injury so we can have somebody decent at qb. Anybody would be better than you. You kill the team chemistry by being injured every other game. Michael Vick has a better arm than you.

Did you puke after you ate, or do you just do that in big games?

D. Suave thought that last one was pretty funny. Hey J., why don't you go punch that guy in the ribs?

Pepe B Secessionist said...

Suave, don't you have better things to do than comment-spam blogs? It's one thing to do it here, but doing it to a blog of a future Hall of Fame quarterback who's never going to read it? C'mon. Take that mess to Hasselbeck's site.

If you are going to, at least be funny.

Anonymous said...

that wasn't me sleazy. I'm just copying what I found on the McNabb page. Come on, do you really think I'd say, "A queer did better with your team than you did last year you fat panzi."

Oh yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, but McNabb has about as much chance of being in the HoF as Eddie McCaffrey, which is to say, he ain't getting in.

Shyster said...

After Jeff Kent got in hot water and after the whole Kellen Winslow thing, every time I hear about some weird injury like this I suspect that the guy was doing something he wasn't supposed to be doing like riding a motorcycle or wrestling a moose or something.

Earlier this year Griffey Jr. was the first to blame horsing around with the kids, but that's the kind of cover story I'd use too.