Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cuntjustification: Tony La Russa

From an AP story about Pujols' reconsidered take on the All-Star Game situation:

Since the 2002 game ended in an extra-innings tie, managers have tended to hold a hitter back just in case. La Russa said if he ran out of position players he'd rather forfeit than use a pitcher, and called for Major League Baseball to alter rules to allow for more re-entry.

This man has often claimed — or let sycophants like Buzz Bissinger claim — that he's a master of baseball managing strategy, if not an outright pioneer. Yet:

1) He's allowed the post facto criticism of Jim Frey's 1991 "gaffe" in which he ran out of position players and had to have Dave Steib bat in a critical situation — the use of the 2002 example is a red herring either on the part of the writer or La Russa himself, as the ramifications of that situation would impact this situation not at all — to influence his ASG roster management;

2) He actually said he'd forfeit the fucking game before he'd let a pitcher hit, which should be argument enough for MLB to never let him manage the midsummer classic ever, ever again;

3) Because of his tactical incompetence, he wants the rules changed, so he doesn't have to be faced with any difficult decisions that might be second-guessed.

Remember, folks: This man is supposed to be one of the very best managers in the entire game, yet he responds to criticism of his unjustifiable botch job of the AGS by whining about rules.

Cuntjustification: Complete

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