Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Beast of the East!

Enjoy the biggest collapse ever, Mets fans! We're exorcising the ghosts of '64! How you like that shit, Billy Wagner, you traitorous son of a bitch? How 'bout you, Glavine? Remember when you said you didn't sign with Philly because you wanted a veteran team? Those were 7 veteran runs you gave up in the first inning, sister!

Who knew winning the East was so much fun? Now I'm off to watch the end of the Rockies game, to see who we're going to face. Dare I dream for a playoff, so the Pads burn Peavy before the playoffs start?

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Big C said...


Too bad the Phils are going to (eventually) get curb-stomped by the BoSox, though. And, by the way, the Massholery will be plentiful. Ortiz is a fackin' muanstah, dood!

No, but really, the Phillies in the playoffs for the first time in 14 years is awesome. There is no greater joy than that which is at the expense of anything relating to New York.