Thursday, September 13, 2007

A couple of great articles on D-Mac ...

This Onion piece on McNabb is hilarious.

This one is even hilariouser.


Diesel said...

Donovan McNabb was young, athletic, with a missile-launcher for an arm and rocket-fueled legs ..."

Oh good fucking Lord, that one statement alone told me that this Reuben Frank character was a dipshit. Rocket-fueled legs?!? That has to be one of the most misinformed columns I've ever read.

Also funny: His column is "NFL BY THE NUMBERS," which would lead someone to believe he's, like, doing some kind of statistical analysis or at least making rational arguments for something. But, no, it's this:

26 ... Thomas Jones' 26-yard run on a third-and-22 late in the second quarter against the Giants was the first conversion on a rushing play on a third-and-20 or longer in seven years. The last came on Oct. 31, 1999, when Leroy Hoard of the Vikings ran 53 yards on a third-and-37 against the Broncos in Denver.

Gag me. Bring back Jen Sterger!

Pepe B. Secessionist said...

If he was white, they wouldn't say he has rocket-fueled legs!

It's an outrage!