Thursday, September 06, 2007

Credit where it's due

This is a pretty great story on Donovan McNabb. And our friendly neighborhood sports journalists ought to love it, too, because the author manages to give an insightful and fresh take while avoiding the elephant in the corner. Hmm ... I also wonder why McNabb is treated differently, by fans and the media alike, from the other quarterbacks mentioned in the story: Favre, Brady, Manning, Palmer, Hasselbeck, Brees, and Garcia. What could the difference be that makes him a "lightning rod for criticism"?


Big C said...


Stop biting our shit. Your mimicry is most unwelcome.


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Big C said...


St said...

Every time you post a snarky comment, C, God kills a pitbull.

Ryan said...

Philly fans are racists.



Anonymous said...

News flash: garcia ain't white. truthfully, mcnabb's fatness is what makes him a lightning rod for criticism.