Monday, September 17, 2007

Halftime thoughts ...

Two reasons the Eagles are losing this game: the offense and the defense. OK, more specifically, the refusal to run the ball, as always, and D-Mac's inaccuracy. Jason Campbell has clearly been the better quarterback thus far.

On defense, it's the playcalling. Jim Johnson's constant blitzing is just as tired as Reid's constant running. I'm so sick of watching these two dickheads coach my favorite team.

There's a French dude who lives in the apartment below me and listens to techno all the time. It's bumping right now, vibrating the floor. He's a firefighter and he speaks with a thick French accent, and when I see him on the stairs, he says things like, "My man, these 21-year-old bitches, they all want to fuck me. I tell them, I'm all fucked out. I can't fuck no more." He has a French flag covering the window of his front door. He's definitely my second-favorite neighbor, behind only the smoking-hot brunette mother of three next door, with the freckles and the yoga pants.

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