Monday, September 17, 2007

Third Quarter

The Chuckwagon is in the booth! While we're sort of on the subject, has there ever been an athlete with better nicknames? Thump (or was he Bump, and Rick Mahorn was Thump?), the Round Mound of Rebound, Sir Charles, the Chuckwagon. I love that guy. Still my single favorite basketball player ever.

Dropped passes, errant passes, bad playcalls, two punts, penalties, and a field goal. That sums up the first ten minutes of the third. And most of this game.

13-6, five minutes to go in the third, Eagles ball. The pizza finally showed up earlier and now I'm refueled. Hopefully McNabb is, too. One of the hallmarks of D-Mac's career has been his ability to salvage horrible first-half performances -- of which there have been many -- by being however good he needed to be to win games in the second half. There's a reason he has one of the best winning percentages of any active quarterback.

First play, right through Reggie Brown's hands. Beautiful.

Holy shit! D-Mac's running! I can't believe it! Doing whatever he needs to do.

WHAT? They just said the Phils blew that 11-0 lead? Oh my God, this could turn out to be a rough day.

Tony Kornheiser just said McNabb has been injured so "specifically" three of the last five years, that he couldn't finish the season. Which isn't true, because he played the last game of every season except for 2005 and 2006.

Hey, look what happens when you get your best player the ball! And I don't mean Donovan McNabb, goddamnit! The Weapon of Westwood!

What the fuck is the deal with the playcalling? We haven't had an open wideout all game. What happened to this offense?

No pressure on the quarterback, open receivers everywhere. Our pass defense blows and the playcalling is preposterous. Just keep blitzing, JJ. It's working great.

The Eagles look worse today than they have since the Colts game last year. At least last week they lost because of a couple special teams gaffes. Today they're just inept.

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