Friday, September 14, 2007

Memo to online sports media outlets:

HIRE EDITORS! Yahweh almighty, this story is an absolute disaster, and everything I've read from this guy looks the same! I IMed Lyan a link to one of his Braves gamers a while back just to point out how terrible it was. Really, it's not even the writer's fault -- the story has everything it needs in terms of reportage. It's even kind of funny. But can't an editor take a look at that and realize more than 75% of the grafs begin with a clunky dependent clause, and the rest still manage to butcher grammar in some way? (For instance, from the fourth-to-last graf: "It was an event that was scheduled ..."? I understand that it needs to be passive voice because of the long series of names that comes after, but what's wrong with "the event was scheduled..."?)

I've wondered this before, but do these places actually employ editors? And if so, what the fuck are they doing? Because it sure ain't editing!

Just hire me already.

(Oh, and apropos of nothing, I have to post my new favorite t-shirt:

God bless Eagles fans.)

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b said...

Haha, I didn't even notice the camera at the bottom, I figured it was a Super Bowl XLII champions t-shirt with the way they absolutely handled the Bolts last night!